RE: Press Release: Human Rights Afronts -Response to CBC National Segment 'Leave Timmys Alone'

In further response to comments that were posted to CBC The National in regards to the segment "Leave Timmys Alone" Gerald Parker of Beyond Ability International, past member of multiple provincial task forces on accessibility and an internationally respected accessibility and human rights expert, "wants every one to know that the Ontario Human Rights Commission is allowing Tim Horton's and others like McDonalds to thumb their collective noses at Canada's human rights laws and its very own rulings".

In 2004, the OHRC held its first ever industry inquiry "Dining Out". Today "the OHRC continues to abandon its enforcement and the executives and their legal departments of the defendants such as McDonalds and Tim Horton's continue to thumb their noses in the face of the Provinces inhumane and legal indifference to ensuring and enabling compliance with its own existing laws minimum requirements and OHRC inquiry rulings" states Parker.

Parker further states that "the Premier himself was made aware of the systemic failures of a persons with a disabilities, all our citizens place of last resort for a very long time. His subordinate engaged to resolve the matter absconded shortly thereafter his direction. The Ombudsman's Office keeps schluffing the matter of as a municipal issue and the human rights infractions continue to be known about and tacitly condoned by our very own public officials who are sworn to uphold the law not be part of knowingly thwarting it for decades. This is totally unacceptable and the public should be rightly outraged".

Parker an accessibility expert engage by industry and public policy leaders implores you to read the OHRC "Dining Out" report and sample the defendants existing facilities and particularly "new builds" and you will quickly realize the point. Parker states he will be glad to provide a tour and examples like he has already for Tim Horton's and McDonalds executives.

There have been various articles over the years that we have initialized- check the files of the Toronto Star and many others- or just ask us. The last one was January 30, 2008 in the Whitby "This Week" that was also copied to the executives at McDonalds Canada when the very large picture of their facility appeared front and centre. "They have all still failed to remedy the matters and the rulings requirements almost five years later. The OHRC and the Ombudsman's Office is fully aware of this and they also continue to fail us all. Time for the Fifth Estate of W5 I think" says Parker.

"Conversations and documented correspondence have occurred between the executive and legal departments of Tim Horton's and McDonalds corporately on numerous occasions. They have chosen to systemically continue to refuse the minimum standards, numerous human rights rulings, common sense and every reasonable and extraordinary opportunity we have taken over our twenty years of work" states Parker. "Its time for the Fifth Estate".

It is your turn folks hope you can succeed where all have very knowingly thwarted the rights and safety of people with disabilities and our maturing population that help build and defend this country. Millions of people and the OHRC apparently does not care even about enforcing its own inquiry rulings. The mediocrity. Parker hopes the Premier can finally appoint a competent body and seek the remediation of these rulings and the Provinces obligations that they have knowingly avoided for so very long.

"The Ontario Building Code and Reg 581 s. 11 of the HTA came into effect , on or before, Nov 1, 1991 - a very long time ago. It is now 2008. People with disabilities and our parents deserve better right now not in 2025" Parker demands.

Good luck. Be safe.
Whitby February 6, 2009 17:40
Kindest Thoughts,
Gerald Parker
President & CEO
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