CFRB 1010 Radio Host Ryan Doyel Wants To Be The Saviour Of The Disability Community

Accessibility News' original plan was to have a recording of Ryan Doyle's show where he states his opinion regarding the woman who was on Disability Assistance and won $6.5 million on Super 7, see for more details.

In order for us to let people hear his views we needed permission from CFRB to give the rights to the company responsible for creating transcripts and audio versions of shows, but the Station Manager, Steve Kowch, on Wednesday August 6 th, 2008 declined stating:

"We're a talk station. It's about generating phone calls, not e mails. Permission denied to put any CFRB audio up on that website."

Our next option was to get the audio segment and pull out word for word relevant sentences for you to read, so we put in our order on Tuesday, August 12 th, 2008, however on Wednesday August 27 th, 2008, 15 days after confirming our order we were informed:

"Regarding your order for coverage from The Ryan Doyle show aired on Jul 28th, we deeply regret to inform you that due to technical difficulties resulting from a power surge we do not have the recording. As such we cannot fulfill your order."

How convenient!

So all we have left is our opinion and that of 1 other listener who phoned the show and took him to task.

Accessibility News was listening to the show on Monday July 28 th and we heard Mr Doyle state his views that she shouldn't have been buying lottery tickets while receiving taxpayer assistance. She should pay back the money she received while she was receiving Government Disability Assistance and by not allowing those on such programs to buy lottery tickets, he is saving them from a "False sense of hope" and saving them from themselves.

Regular CFRB listener Axel Krueger phoned in that night and writes:

"He (Mr. Doyle) did say that it was acceptable for a disabled person to spend 20 dollars to take themselves to a movie. I asked him if he would be the one that would dictate what type of entertainment would be acceptable for someone disabled. Was he in a position to tell a disabled what to make themselves happy, that he could what someone can wear, eat or dream because he feels that the able bodied community gives the disabled assistance, they can tell the disabled community how to spend it."

"He asked me If a friend asked to borrow 200 dollars because they were in need, what would I say if they turned around and spent the borrowed money at the gambling? I didn't answer because it wasn't pertinent to the discussion. Friends "lending" money to one another is a completely different discussion from a government social pension/savings plan to protect and provide financial support to a less than fortunate community, for the most part."

"After my conversation with Ryan Doyle of CFRB, I was left with an impression of not only him, but a number of people of the general public that have little or no understanding of what it is to be disabled or what resources are available. Some members of the general public believe that in a social democracy, they have the right to dictate how a recipient of funding of any sort federal or provincially, even through a pension. That the funding received is more than adequate for a disabled person should need to exist and have sufficient to entertain themselves, so long as these members of the general public can tell people what is considered by their own standards, what to wear, what to eat, what can be shopped for and what type of entertainment and how much. Furthermore, what dreams and goals a person receiving social assistance or pension can have in their lives."

"Doyle suggested that a lottery ticket should not be purchased by a person receiving their allocation. That if they won, that the monies paid out to the person with disability should be paid back. Why? because the monies allocated were given to the disabled person with the above strings attached."

"What a disabled person should be doing, in the estimation of people like him is to live in their world of silence, their world of darkness or by the limitations of their environment, shut up and be happy for their existence. Void of dreams and goals, unless the general public gives its specific approval."

"Doyle is an out of closet gambler. I have to wonder what he thinks of his 1 in 5 odds of becoming disabled within his lifetime."

Accessibility News has to wonder if this is just Mr. Doyle's opinion or that of CFRB as well. This kind of thinking, especially thinking out loud on one of the most popular radio shows can be very problematic to the Disability Community, it's hard enough as it is to get a fair shake, without such a narrow minded view of what Persons With Disabilities(PWD's) should be allowed to do with the meagre allowance they have to survive on.

Since we cant all get onto shows like this to express our opinions as Mr. Kowch would like, then all we have is our ability to let our views be heard through emails. If you want to express yours, here are their email addresses:

Note: Feel free to copy Accessibility News on any correspondence you send to either person above, send it to . If we get enough we'll post them on this site with your permission.

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