Re: Analog Cell Phones Go Digital

Dear Accessibility News,

I don't know how many consumers are aware of the transition from analog to digital for their cell phones by September 2008. For me this requires that I rid myself of my old NOKIA 252 Analog Cell Phone and purchase a new digital cell phone model. Sounds quite simple does it not? But to this date, I have yet to find a Canadian retailer from whom I can purchase a digital cell phone to accommodate my disability.

My problems basically are quite simple, and I sense that many others can relate to my concerns:

On the internet, I discovered what is called the "Jitterbug Cell Phone" which might be a solution to my concerns (see I emailed the company seeking its availability in Canada. Here's their reply:

"Good afternoon Mr. Hunsberger,

My name is Nick, and I'm writing in response to your inquiry about finding a Jitterbug phone in Canada. I would like to thank you for writing to us, as we are always happy to hear from potential customers. Moreover, it is important to us to learn what people want and need out of a cell phone so that we can best provide it. Our goal has been to provide exactly the phone that you described to those who need it. We hope to help a large and important part of the population who has been left behind by phone companies who are focused on sleek design and lots of gadgets and miss the mark on functionality.

Unfortunately, we have not expanded to Canada yet, though we do hope to do so in the future. I'm sorry we are unable to provide a phone to you now; hopefully you will be able to find us at a local cell phone retailer soon. Thank you again for taking the time to write to us.

Nicholas McCurry

Office 858-847-0009 x295

I would appreciate this note to be forwarded to others on the "Accessibility News" mailing list. I look forward to hearing from others about discovered solutions in purchasing a digital cell phone to accommodate a disability such as mine.

Thank you for your assistance.


James Hunsberger

Chair, Aging and Disability Committee

Citizens With Disabilities-Ontario (CWD-O)

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