Beware The Charlatans

The year 2007 saw a lot of new site launches, from the Provincial Government to a number of Charities and all have been a big disappointment when it comes to accessibility. It's nice to see that they're at least addressing the issue, but I believe that it has more to do with the people behind the creation of these websites.

These companies claim that they can create an accessible website, yet their own website isn't remotely accessible and to top it off, they cant even produce work they've done that proves their so called expertise in this area. If you buy their story and go ahead and use them then you are looking at retrofitting down the road. These charlatans dont care, all they're interested in is your money.

Once you bring the inaccessibility of your site to their attention the excuses start to fly. Stop me if you've heard these.

So a little advice for anyone having a website designed in the coming year, or even some retrofitting, do some homework, don't just take the advice of some big slick marketer whose got some swamp land in Florida for you to buy at a cheap price.

Some Tips Before You Get Started

Things To Look For

When assessing a site for accessibility there are a number of things you can look for when deciding if the site is accessible or not. This is not a comprehensive list.

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