Portable Toilet That Expands for People in Wheelchairs Wins COU’s annual IDeA Student Contest to Improve Accessibility

A portable toilet that can expand by four times the usual size to make life easier for people in wheelchairs, but can shrink for easy transportation, is this year’s winner of the Council of Ontario Universities’ (COU) annual Innovative Designs for Accessibility (IDeA) student competition.


Accessibility Improvements Continue in Oshawa

Oshawa’s annual state of the union on accessibility was a mostly good news affair.

City council held a special meeting on May 8 to discuss accessibility issues. The meeting even had a personal support worker and sign language interpreter in attendance.


FDA Approves Segway Inventor’s Mind-Controlled Robotic Arm

The era of real cyborgs has begun. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) gave its first approval for the sale and marketing of a prosthetic arm that translates signals from a person’s muscles on Friday.


Lawyer slams payout cuts to injured workers

Workplace safety board sued for reducing benefits based on pre-existing health conditions Laurie Monsebraaten
The Toronto Star, May 11, 2014

A Toronto lawyer has launched a multimillion-dollar class action lawsuit on behalf of injured workers against Ontario’s Workplace Safety and Insurance Board for discounting pain and suffering awards due to pre-existing medical conditions.

“For 22 years, the board has calculated non-economic loss awards based on a point system that recognized the impact of injuries on degenerative disease,” said lawyer Richard Fink.

“But several years ago, the board instructed case managers to deduct for pre-existing conditions without any formal changes in policy, regulations or law,” he said in an interview Friday. “What they are doing is illegal.”

Accessibility News May 10,2014 Update

Inclusive Media and Design Inc is a proud supporter of Accessibility News.

Inclusive is ready to caption and video describe all your video for web, DVD, and computer desktop. They can also assist you in understanding and implementing Ontario’s AODA Integrated Standards’ media requirements. Consider having them check that any of your new web site content is compliant well before the new year deadline with an Accessibility Audit.

Visit http://www.inclusivemedia.ca to find out more.


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*Lest You Forgot: The Wynne/McGuinty Legacy
*What New Efforts will Elections Ontario Make to Remove Barriers Impeding Voters with Disabilities During the June 12, 2014 Ontario Election?
*Historic Rule Passed; NYC Taxicab Accessibility to Dramatically Increase
*Compare the Major Ontario Parties’ Records On Disability Accessibility
*Yellowknife and The Toilet Seat of Democracy
*Please Raise Disability Accessibility Issues with Voters and Candidates Across Ontario!

What New Efforts will Elections Ontario Make to Remove Barriers Impeding Voters with Disabilities During the June 12, 2014 Ontario Election?

On May 8, 2014, the AODA Alliance wrote Chief Electoral Officer Greg Essensa. We asked for details on any new steps Elections Ontario has taken to ensure that voters with disabilities do not face barriers when seeking to take part in the upcoming June 2014, 2014 Ontario general election. That letter is set out below.


Lest You Forgot: The Wynne/McGuinty Legacy

With the upcoming election just around the corner, I’ve compiled a list of Dalton McGuinty and Kathleen Wynnes’ accomplishments, or lack of them with regards to the Disabled Community.

While she has tried to distance herself from him lately perhaps this video will remind you:


Historic Rule Passed; NYC Taxicab Accessibility to Dramatically Increase

From 1 in 57 wheelchair-accessible yellow cabs to 1 in 2 by 2020

NEW YORK, NY The New York City Taxi and Limousine Commission approved today a measure to phase in accessible yellow taxicabs so that by 2020, fifty percent (50%) of New York’s yellow taxis will be accessible to men, women, and children who use wheelchairs.


Compare the Major Ontario Parties’ Records On Disability Accessibility

We have asked the major parties in the Ontario June 12, 2014 general election to send us their
platforms on disability accessibility by 5 pm on Friday, May 9, 2014. They have had over two months to mull over the election commitments we seek. We wrote the party leaders on March 3, 2014 to set out the election commitments on disability accessibility that we are requesting.


Yellowknife and The Toilet Seat of Democracy

By Victor Schwartzman

There are seats. There is democracy. Today our subject is the seat of democracy. Specifically, the toilet seat of democracy.