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Bus Stop Call-Outs on B.C. Transit, or Lack Thereof

B.C. Transit drivers in Greater Victoria are supposed to announce the bus stops. It’s mandatory, B.C. Transit says.

It’s also not happening much. A B.C. Transit spokesman said in January that the rollout of the announcement effort, which started last year, is “going well.”


Why Online Ed Accessibility is not a “When We Get to It” Issue

As several high-profile lawsuits surface around accessibility of web content, colleges and universities must take the steps necessary to shore up their own approaches to online accessibility of web content.


12th Newspaper Editorial since 1998 Backs Our Accessibility Campaign

Toronto Star Publishes New Editorial Blasting the Ontario Government for Cutting Back on AODA Enforcement-
and – AODA Alliance’s Reaction to Economic Development Minister’s February 26, 2015 Interview on CBC Toronto Radio’s Metro Morning Program


Mike Hammer Solves The AODA Courage Mystery, Part Two:

By Victor Schwartzman, channeling Mickey Spillane

I snorted and my grin would’ve froze their guts, if they had any. “Where can I find that Principal? At the School Of I Don’t Give A Crap?”


Cities Unlocked

In 2013 Guide Dogs and Microsoft created a film called A Family Day Out to demonstrate technology concepts that could greatly enhance the quality of life for blind and visually impaired people.



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