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Opinion: Strong partnerships key to fully accessible Canada

Another way the Foundation is helping to improve the accessibility of public places and spaces is our Signature Canada 150 Initiative launched last fall, called Access4All. I can’t think of a better way to celebrate Canada’s milestone birthday. With funding support from the Government of Canada, the Foundation is offering grants of up to $30,000 to schools and community groups for at least 50 large-scale “Barrier Buster” projects and awareness building events that shed light on accessibility issues in communities across the country. The response to date has been overwhelming. I’m proud to share that we have awarded the first 20 grants, including six projects in B.C., and will continue to accept applications until March 31st.


Huntsville’s Work-In-Progress Accessibility Plan Breaks Down Barriers

The No. 1 barrier is attitudinal the attitude that if one has a disability, they cannot participate in life to its fullest. Quite the contrary, we simply go about it differently. However, if access to the local bowling alley, hairdresser, restaurant washroom, community hall, church, wedding reception hall, theatre, council chambers, dentist’s office or curling rink is a set of stairs, has a back entrance through the kitchen or a narrow door width, then yes, I cannot participate or be included in events or services physically or
with any decorum of dignity.



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