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Accessibility News September 21,2019 Update

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AbleDocs Inc. is excited to be joining the Accessibility News team to ensure all documents are made accessible and compliant.

AbleDocs is the only organization to guarantee the compliance of the files we produce and back that up with a $10,000,000 guarantee.

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The AODA Clock is Ticking

There are 5 years, 14 weeks, 5 days until a fully Accessible Ontario! Will you be compliant?

Federal Election Action Kit – Raise Disability Accessibility Issues in Canada’s 2019 Federal Election!

Do you think people with disabilities in Canada should be able to travel on airplanes and on interprovincial buses or trains without being impeded by disability barriers? Do you think they should have equal access to services provided by the Government of Canada? Should they be able to enjoy whatever information CBC posts on its public website? Should they be assured that they can enter their neighbourhood polling station during a federal election, and independently mark their own ballot in private? Should the Federal Government ensure that our public money is never used to create or perpetuate barriers against people with disabilities?


What Pledges Will the Federal Party Leaders Make in This Election to Make Canada Accessible for Over 6 Million People with Disabilities?

Federal NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh Is First National Leader to Write the AODA Alliance to Pledge to Strengthen the Accessible Canada Act


B.C. Communities Urged to Improve Access for Disabled People

One in four B.C. residents has disability, most want to work

The unemployment rate for people with disabilities is close to 50 per cent, and B.C. needs them as much as they want to work, the president of the B.C. Chamber of Commerce says.


Residents at Calgary Apartment Building Frustrated Over Lack of Accessible Door

For a handful of wheelchair-dependent, southeast Calgary apartment residents, getting into and out of their building is proving to be a very difficult task.

Robin Cummings says she and at least five or six other residents rely on a wheelchair or scooter to get around, but there isn’t an automatic door opener at the two entrance doors to help facilitate the process.


Send Us Your Feedback on Our Draft Framework for what the Promised K-12 Education Accessibility Standard Should Include

Today, the AODA Alliance is making public a draft Framework for what the promised Education Accessibility Standard should include for students in schools between kindergarten and Grade 12. We set it out below and invite your feedback. Let us know what you think we should do to improve this Framework before we finalize it and submit it to the K-12 Education Standards Development Committee. Please email us your feedback by October 2, 2019 by replying to this email, or by addressing an email to


In a Tight Labor Market, a Disability May Not Be a Barrier

To expand the pool of workers, companies are recruiting stay-at-home parents, retirees and people with disabilities. Will they keep it up if the economy sours?


Online Booking Coming to Para Transpo

Para Transpo users will soon be able to book trips online, something advocates have been calling for for years.


Canadian Cities Need to Be More Accessible for Aging Residents, According to Concordia University Political Scientist Meghan Joy

As populations age, Concordia political scientist Meghan Joy says Canadian cities need to update their approach to accessibility for their elderly residents. For a start, policy-makers need to consider the needs of seniors in their plans.



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