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Join us at Queen’s Park Friday November 28, 2014 to Celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the Birth of the Grassroots Movement in Ontario for a Strong Disability Accessibility Law


Below we give you more background on that important day twenty years ago, when about twenty people ended up in a room at Queen’s Park, determined to fight for new legislation to make Ontario fully accessible to all people with disabilities. They could not have known that day how the next twenty years would turn out.


User-Friendly Electronic ‘Eyecane’ Enhances Navigational Abilities for Blind

“One of the key results we show here is that even after less than five minutes of training, participants were able to complete the tasks successfully,” says Prof. Amedi. “This short training requirement is very significant, as it make the device much more user friendly. Every one of our blind users wanted to take the device home with them after the experiment, and felt they could immediately contribute to their everyday lives,” adds Maidenbaum.


Centre Wellington Accessibility Report Endorsed

ELORA – Centre Wellington is adopting the multi-year accessibility plan submitted by the manager of legislative services/municipal clerk Kerri O’Kane dated Oct. 20.


Metrolinx Backs Down!

It Waives Its Proposed $250 Fee for Answering the AODA Alliance Chair’s Freedom of Information Application Regarding the Creation of New Accessibility/Safety Barriers on the Eglinton Crosstown Subway Within Two Hours of Our Publicizing Metrolinx’s Attempt to Extract That Fee And A Week of Great Media on Accessibility Issues Coverage on Accessibility


A Failed Game Changer: Post-Secondary Education and the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act

For the post-secondary education sector, these standard were expected to bring about significant changes and to improve access to education for persons with disabilities. The AODA has not, however, lived up to this potential.


Greater Victoria Bus Driver Defies Policy on Announcing Stops

Veteran B.C. Transit driver Joe Hronek expects to be disciplined one of these days for refusing to call out each of the estimated 500 stops on his daily routes as required by the company to serve visually impaired passengers.



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