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How FMs Can Support Employment Standards

Imagine approaching an elevator in the PATH system, reading a sign that says “buzz for assistance,” and waiting 20 minutes for security to come operate the otherwise standard lift. Imagine pulling a vehicle into an accessible space, then navigating the parking lot uphill in a wheelchair, over speed bumps, to find the pay-and-display ticket dispenser, only to realize that it’s out of reach. Imagine clasping a grab bar in a bathroom stall and watching it rip clear out of the wall.


The Wynne Government Gives the Public up to March 14, 2016 to Comment on the Text of Proposed Regulations that Would Revise Ontario Accessibility Standards

The Wynne Government Barrels Ahead with Plans to Break Kathleen Wynne’s Promise Not to Weaken Accessibility Protections


So Much For Accessibility in Ontario

by wheelchairdemon

Over the last few months I have observed a disturbing trend. The Point of Sale Terminals, where one can pay for goods using their debit card and entering a PIN number, are being locked down solidly to the checkout counters at a height that is unmanageable to use by a person who uses a wheelchair.


NAD and Gogo LLC Agree to Make Closed Captions Available on In-Flight Entertainment Systems

Deaf and hard of hearing airline passengers will soon have closed captioned, on-demand in-flight entertainment videos.


New year, New Accessibility Obligations

As more provinces consider implementing proactive accessibility legislation like Ontario’s Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, ongoing compliance should be a New Year’s resolution. Employers outside of Ontario and federally regulated employers are not required to comply with the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act. However, employees, customers and human rights adjudicators across Canada are increasingly aware of accessibility issues and look to the act for best practice.


Is Your Website Accessible to Blind and Visually Impaired?

The plaintiffs’ bar is now flirting with a new type of class action lawsuit which poses a threat to any employer that operates a website. These lawsuits allege that company websites are inaccessible to the blind and/or visually impaired and therefore violate Title III of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and various states’ laws.


AODA Alliance Sends the Deloitte Company its Submission on the First Phase of the Deloitte Company’s Public Consultation on the Wynne Government’s Problem-Ridden Proposal to Fund a New Private Accessibility Certification Process

Deloitte’s Draft Report on its Consultations to Date is Seriously Flawed and Ignores or Rejects the AODA Alliance’s Key Input


Student Designers Make Spaces, Products More Accessible

From a wheelchair-friendly home bathroom to computer equipment that’s easier on arthritic hands, student innovators from across California designed products and spaces to better serve individuals of all abilities for the USC Davis School of Gerontology’s Morton Kesten Universal Design Competition.



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