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What's New This Week

Ten New Toronto Paralympic Events

By Victor Schwartzman

10. CURB JUMPING. Not every street corner in Toronto has a dip in the curb enabling people in wheelchairs to get beyond the block. The new event will involve unusual wheelchair stunts, especially to get onto a curb from the street. This competition is dangerous and medical teams will stand by.


Wheelchair Users Upset City Council Might Put Taxi Reforms Into Reverse

Blair Williams was encouraged when city council passed sweeping taxi industry reforms that would eventually lead to Toronto’s entire cab fleet being wheelchair accessible.

Fourteen months later, Williams is not finding it any easier, faster or cheaper to book a metered taxi that can accommodate his wheelchair.


Kelsey Le Coure Denied Taxi Ride Because of Service Dog

Peel Region’s TransHelp calls incident a ‘black mark’ against cab company

An Ontario woman wants an apology Thursday after a wheelchair accessible taxi service refused to drive her because of her service dog.



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