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Amazing Media Coverage of More Toronto Restaurants Refusing Blind Customers with Guide Dogs Shows Toronto Is Not Ready to Host 2015 Pan/ParaPan American Games

Wynne Government Still Won’t Strengthen, Not Weaken, Enforcement of Disabilities Act Even Though 2015 Toronto Games Are Fast Approaching


Town Learns About Alternative to Public Transit System

Parry Sound NPARRY SOUND – With just a handful of days remaining before the end of the public transit system, a Bracebridge man showed town council a successful alternative.

Cameron Hoffman of Bracebridge Taxi talked about the on-demand accessible transportation service he started two years ago for those with disabilities.


Improving Online Accessibility for Students a Major Issue for Schools

Getting schools onboard with accessible learning is a struggle that Kara Zirkle is all too familiar with. As IT accessibility coordinator at George Mason University in Fairfax, Va., she says resistance to changeparticularly in the cultural senseis fairly natural and tends to stand in the way of even the best intentions on the assistive learning front.


As ADA Turns 25, Places of Public Accommodation Must Consider Accessible Technology

Another “front burner” issue also involving accessible technology is the adoption of touchscreen devices, predominantly for use at the point of sale (POS). Similar to the website accessibility context, specific federal regulations governing the accessibility of such devices do not currently exist.


Tips on Barrier Removal

by wheelchairdemon
March 26, 2015

Accessible Water Closets

Can you reach the grab bars and/or toilet paper?


Tips on Barrier Removal

Tips on Barrier Removal

Disability Advocates Question Toronto Parapan Am Games Readiness

“We are not ready to ensure that these folks will have a place to eat, or even go to the washroom, or assured public transit to get around,” said David Lepofsky, Chair of the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act Alliance.


Government Reinstates Disabled Worker’ Paper-Shredding Jobs

Aside from anger at the apparent callous way the workers were treated, much of the public outrage has been around that lowly equivalent payment of $1.15 an hour.

An Ontario government announcement mid-week that the provincial minimum wage will be increased to $11.25 in the fall only served to emphasize what many critics see as an inequity.


Fake ‘Service Dog’ ID Brought to Heel by Proposed B.C. Law

Fake ID is going to the dogs rather too much, as it turns out. But a proposed B.C. law aims to stop people labelling dogs without proper training as service dogs, by creating government issued dog ID and a provincial registry.


Ontario Government Considers How To Sell Access Law

By Victor Schwartzman

Announcing the Government’s slogan “Access Is A Competitive Advantage,” the Minister said “Obviously, our position is that business people do not care about people, human rights or the law. They only care about money. So we have to sell access as a competitive advantage.


Call the New Ontario Government Toll-Free Line to Report AODA Violations – We Campaigned Over Two Years to Win This Toll-Free Number!

It is not necessary to yourself first notify the obligated organization of your concern that it has violated the AODA. However, it is quite worthwhile to first let that obligated organization know about the accessibility problem. When you call the Government’s toll-free number, you can include in your report any information on your efforts to get the obligated organization to fix the problem, and the response you received from the obligated organization.



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