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Malhotra and Lieffers: Assisted Dying? Let’s Talk About Accessible Living First

As we debate the issue of death, let’s not forget the ongoing matter of life with a disability in Canada. Assisted dying is an important and closely related conversation, but the current focus on this problem should not lead policymakers to forget the many other disability rights issues that create barriers for people on a daily basis.


Web Accessibility Will Now Be the Law of the Land in Europe

On Tuesday (3 May), after a long night of negotiation, and after more than three years since its proposal, it was agreed that web accessibility will now be the law of the land in Europe. This is a victory not only for persons with disabilities, but all of us, writes Dita Charanzov√°.


EEOC Sues KB Staffing For Disability Discrimination

Company Required Applicants to Complete an Unlawful Pre-Offer Health Questionnaire, Federal Agency Charged


Groundbreaking Settlement to End Discrimination Against Blind Uber Riders Who Use Guide Dogs

In an unprecedented settlement announced today, Uber has agreed to take affirmative steps to prevent discrimination against blind riders who use guide dogs in its transportation network across the United States.


National Federation of the Blind Condemns Delay of Web Accessibility Regulations

The National Federation of the Blind, the nation’s leading advocate for equal access by the blind to information and technology, today condemned the announcement by the United States Department of Justice (DOJ) that it will further delay issuing regulations under Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and instead seek further comments from the public on what those regulations should contain.


Fumbling at the Top; Ontario Welfare

The Toronto Star , May 1, 2016

We’ve known for a year and a half that Ontario bungled the introduction of its costly new welfare case management system, known as SAMS. The program has been plagued with technical problems that led to tens of thousands of errors in calculating benefits, privacy breaches and documents that had to be shredded.

Now it turns out that the woman in charge, Community and Social Services Minister Helena Jaczek, was warned directly that there were “significant” problems with the system before it was launched back in November 2014. Nonetheless, the government went ahead anyway – a move that eventually cost $52 million in fixes on top of the system’s $240 million price tag.


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