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What's New This Week

Built Environment Accessibility Audit, Largest in Manitoba History

Adaptability Canada is undertaking a campus-wide audit of the University of Manitoba’s built environment to identify accessibility barriers. The project involves over 100 buildings and 560,000+ sq. metres of space. It is part of the university’s response to the Accessibility for Manitobans Act (AMA) and its ongoing commitment to fostering and providing an accessible environment.


Toronto Looking to Crack Down on Misuse of Accessible Parking Permits

The City of Toronto is looking to crack down on drivers who misuse parking permits to park in spots for people with disabilities.


Disabilities Advocates Split Over Guelph Housing Proposal

By Alex McKeenStaff Reporter
Mon., July 24, 2017

Angel Oak Communities wants to build a self-sustaining community hub aimed at helping people with disabilities, but some advocates say the approach evokes dark ‘institutional’ past.

Mark Enchin, left, and his step-daughter Carly Hatton, hang out in the courtyard of the Ignatius Jesuit Centre in Guelph on Friday, July21, 2017. Enchin want to use the space to build a sustainable and affordable community hub for various groups of people to live and work together.

A proposal by a not-for-profit organization to turn an old Jesuit college into a residence and community centre aimed at people with disabilities has drawn the ire of some advocates who fear the plan will marginalize the building’s future residents.

Washrooms at Kirby’s Beach are Officially Open for Business in Bracebridge

A separate universal washroom, compliant under the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act is new to the facility. The new accessible washroom features a larger space for manoeuvring in a wheelchair, signage, automatic door opener, emergency alarm, grab bars, accessible plumbing fixtures and hardware, and a baby change table.


A Robot to Help Visually Impaired Schoolchildren Find Their Way

Alexandre Foucqueteau has taught Cellulo, a little hand-sized robot, how to help visually impaired children find their bearings and avoid obstacles in the classroom.



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