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New Report Reveals Corporate Lobbyists Feeding Frenzy At City Hall to Pressure Toronto City Council to Lift Ban on Electric Scooters That Endanger People with Disabilities

Today, a new report by the non-partisan grassroots AODA Alliance pulls back the curtain to reveal the stunning behind-the-scenes high-price feeding frenzy of back-room pressure that corporate lobbyists for electric scooter (e-scooter) rental companies have flooded City Hall with for months.


Taking a Few Moments to Reflect Back Today on Some Important Milestones in the Campaign for Accessibility for People with Disabilities

While the COVID-19 pandemic is still swirling around us, it would be nice to take a moment to reflect back on important events in the decades-long campaign for accessibility and inclusion for people with disabilities in our society.


Ford Government Admits It Sent Out An Inaccessible Broadcast Email Yesterday to Announce Its Upcoming Announcement on Accessibility

Claiming a “Clerical Error” Even Though Ministers’ Announcements Are Carefully Screened In Advance


Fewer Veterans Have Applied for Disability During COVID-19, Sparking Accessibility Concerns

The federal government is being criticized for not doing enough to help disabled veterans as new figures appear to confirm fears COVID-19 is making it more difficult for them to apply for assistance.


In A Cruel Irony, the Ford Government Sends an Inaccessible Invitation to an Upcoming Announcement on Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities

Hard as it may be to believe, the Ford Government today sent out an inaccessible email invitation to an upcoming Government announcement on Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities, to be made on October 29, 2020 by the Minister of Accessibility. Ontario’s Accessibility Minister, Raymond Cho sent this invitation to AODA Alliance Chair David Lepofsky, well-known to be totally blind. He could not read the invitation using his computer’s screen-reading software.


Ottawa Inventor Sees Rising Interest in Hands-Free Elevator-hailing App

Before the pandemic struck, Ke Wang had devoted the better part of the last two years to developing a smartphone app that would allow people with disabilities like himself to open doors and call elevators without touching any handles or buttons.


Accessibility News October 24,2020 Update

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Voters With Disabilities Disappointed, Frustrated By B.C. Election Campaign

Albert Ruel is tired.

The blind advocate has been fighting for improved access, inclusion and human rights protection for people with disabilities for the past 30 years. And he’s frustrated that the B.C. election campaign hasn’t shone a light on many of the issues that matter to voters with disabilities.


Former Lawyers File Human Rights Complaints, Allege Accessibility Issues in Manitoba Courts

‘I’ve had multiple judges apologize to me for how inaccessible the courtroom is,’ says Mike Reimer



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