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Making Halloween on P.E.I. Accessible for All Trick-or-Treaters

An Island woman is doing her part to make sure children with accessibility issues don’t miss out on trick-or-treating this year.

Robyn Weeks of Clyde River has posted a bright orange sign on her front lawn, telling people her home is accessible for everyone trick-or-treating and helping to raise awareness.


A Non-Partisan Look at the 2019 Federal Election Results from a Disability Accessibility Perspective

What is the upshot of last night’s federal election results, from the perspective of over 6 million people with disabilities in Canada who want this country to become accessible to them?


People With Disabilities Could Boost Economy by $50 billion: Report

Canadians with disabilities are already a large part of the working age population and will increase in importance as the population ages, says a new report by TD Economics.


Carleton University Creates Video Library Focusing on People With Disabilities

In an effort to include people with disabilities which are often excluded from historical records, Carleton University is making a special addition to its library.


Accessibility News October 19,2019 Update

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The AODA Clock is Ticking

There are 5 years, 10 weeks, 5 days until a fully Accessible Ontario! Will you be compliant?

Federal Liberals Promise to Use a Disability Lens in All Government Decisions – View This Pledge Through the Lens of Some Helpful Context

In a news article published today, just three days before the federal election, the Canadian Press reported that the federal Liberals have committed that if re-elected, they will apply a “disability lens” to all Federal Government decisions. We set out the October 18, 2019 Canadian Press article by reporter Michelle McQuigge, below, which was posted on the National Post’s website.


Non-Partisan Issue-By-Issue Comparison of the Positions of the 6 Major Federal Political Parties on Achieving Accessibility for Over 6 Million People with Disabilities in Canada

With the federal election only four days away, the AODA Alliance now makes public a non-partisan issue-by-issue comparison of the position of the 6 major federal political parties on what they would do, if elected, to ensure that Canada becomes accessible to over 6 million people with disabilities.


Some Disabled Canadians Feeling Left Out of Discussion During Election Campaign

Amy Amantea tuned in to the English-language federal leaders’ debate with modest hope there would be at least some discussion of issues relevant to disabled Canadians.


Liberal Party of Canada Answers Request for Election Commitments on Achieving an Accessible Canada for Over 6 Million People with Disabilities

Liberals Promise Less Than the NDP Tories Greens, People’s Party and the Bloc Haven’t Answered the AODA Alliance’s Request for 11 Commitments



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