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The Deadly Danger of Ableism in Health Care During A Pandemic

Biased assumptions about living with disability could impact access to life-saving care, advocate says Ruth Enns
CBC News, Feb. 6, 2021

These are stressful times and front-line workers have laboured heroically in this pandemic. However, heroes have Achilles’ heels.

Triage is one.

Statistics Canada says 22 per cent of Canadians live with disability, which, I believe, means ableism in medicine affects more than one-fifth of Canadians, whether they realize it or not.

Here are some things to consider when questioning where and why ableism exists.

Triage protocols

Triage prioritizes treatment to maximize survival rates. However, it can also cost lives.

After the Oct. 1, 2017, mass shooting in Las Vegas, Dr. Kevin Menes dealt with about 200 of the shooter’s 411 victims.

Accessibility News February 27,2021 Update

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The AODA Clock is Ticking

There are 3 years, 44 weeks, 0 days until a fully Accessible Ontario! Will you be compliant?

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COVID-19 Vaccine Websites Violate Disability Laws, Create Inequity for the Blind

WebAIM, a nonprofit web accessibility organization, checked COVID vaccine websites gathered by KHN from all 50 states and the District of Columbia. On Jan. 27, it found accessibility issues on nearly all of 94 webpages, which included general vaccine information, lists of vaccine providers and registration forms.

In at least seven states, blind residents said they were unable to register for the vaccine through their state or local governments without help.


New Report Reveals Frightening New Problems with the Ford Government’s Plans for Rationing Life-Saving Critical Medical Care if Hospitals get Overwhelmed by Another COVID-19 Surge

This is revealed in an exhaustive new report made public today. This thoroughly researched report reveals that:


New National Partnership Focuses on Improving Accessibility on The Great Trail of Canada

Canadian Paralympians and Para athletes join AccessNow and Trans Canada Trail to provide valuable accessibility feedback on trails across Canada


AODA Alliance to Present Tomorrow at Virtual Meeting of the City of Toronto’s Accessibility Advisory Committee to Oppose Allowing Electric Scooters

Submits Brief Showing City Staff Reports Prove E-Scooters Endanger Public Safety and Accessibility for People with Disabilities, Seniors, Children and Others


Thinking About the Obstacles People Face

If we are to address disability inequality, says Professor Laverne Jacobs, we need to start by acknowledging the structural inequalities facing people with disabilities in daily life


AODA Alliance Submits a Short, Punchy Brief to the Toronto Accessibility Advisory Committee, Calling for Toronto Not to Lift the Much-Needed Ban on Electric Scooters

The Toronto Accessibility Advisory Committee will be holding a special virtual meeting on the issue of e-scooters, and the danger they pose for people with disabilities, seniors, children and others, on Thursday, February 25, 2021. The AODA Alliance will be making a deputation at that meeting, in support of our brief.


Accessibility Compliance Orders Across Canada

Many separate accessibility standards development processes exist in Canada. Ontario, Manitoba, and Nova Scotia all have laws that mandate creation of provincial accessibility standards. In addition, the Accessible Canada Act mandates accessibility standards that apply to organizations under federal jurisdiction. However, the government of Canada intends to coordinate federal and provincial accessibility laws.



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