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Accessibility Advocates Sign Open Letter Urging People Not To Use AccesiBe and Other Overlay Products

AccessiBe and other similar tools are coming under fire after more than 400 accessibility advocates and developers signed an open letter calling on the industry to unite against the use of accessibility overlay products.


Woman With Invisible Disability Left Shaken After Altercation Over Accessible Parking Spot

Nicole Sparks of Cole Harbour says parking spots, permits should reflect that not all disabilities are obvious


Accessibility News May 15,2021 Update

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Disability Alliance B.C. Worried Pending Accessibility Legislation Lacks Teeth

Disability B.C. says proposed legislation missing implementation timelines and enforcement mechanisms


UK Investigates Whether Apple Discriminates Against Disabled People With iPhone Upgrade Program

In the UK, Apple requires customers to physically visit an Apple Store in order to either enroll in the iPhone Upgrade Program, or to renew it. Hughes first raised the issue with Apple in 2019, and says that the company initially told him nothing could be done.


Smartphone App Helps Blind People Stand in Socially Distanced Lines

During the pandemic, everyone is expected to stay socially distanced, with at least six feet between them and the person in front of them. For those with normal vision, standing in line while remaining at a safe distance from the person in front of you isn’t a problem. However, for the blind or visually impaired, maintaining an appropriate distance can be a challenge.


Low-Income Ontario Families Were Hit Hard by COVID. A McMaster Study Suggests Government Financial Assistance Was Not Enough

By Sebastian Bron
Hamilton Spectator, May 10, 2021

For Dayna Sparkes, budgeting for finances at the end of the month often feels like tiptoeing through a room filled with trip wires.

A paid internet bill could mean a default on the hydro bill. A healthy stock of groceries could mean less hand sanitizers or clean masks. A fulfilled rent payment could mean a write-off on any leisure-related activities or products.

This conundrum – of picking and choosing what gets paid and what doesn’t – has long been a challenge for the mother of four young children, whose primary source of income is a monthly Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP) check of just over $1,000.

Blind People, Advocates Slam Company Claiming to Make Websites ADA Compliant

Throughout the pandemic, as blind people, like everyone else, became increasingly dependent on websites to purchase goods, one of the fastest-growing companies that works with clients like Oreo cookies and Energizer batteries to make their websites more accessible has been engulfed in an increasingly contentious relationship with blind people. Many blind people say its product is making it harder for them to navigate the web.


AODA Alliance Writes Toronto Mayor John Tory and City Council to Thank Them for Maintaining the Ban on Electric Scooters



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