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Is Your Restaurant Pan Am or Para Pan Am Games Ready?

“Unlike the Olympics in Vancouver BC or London England, the Government has no comprehensive plan in place to ensure that we have adequate accessible restaurants, public transit, hotels and other tourism and hospitality services to meet the needs of an influx of tourists with disabilities at this major international sporting event.”


How Technological Developments Are Improving The Lives Of The Disabled

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Technology exists to make our lives easier. Whether it’s the extending of our horizons via personal transport, the allowance of the sharing of information via the internet, or the extension of the human lifespan through medical advancement, technology and humanity have become completely inseparable. Unfortunately though, for some people, technological progress has not affected them as much as it has average individual. The disabled make up a proportion of this population, however as technology becomes more sophisticated this deficit is being addressed, with amazing, life-changing results.

Province Must Spend More to Show Manitobans With Disabilities Where the Heart is: At Home

Care homes are great for those who are too old to take care of themselves properly, or for those who don’t have the mental capacity to live on their own. But in order for my life to reach its full potential, Winnipegosis resident Alex Lytwyn says he can’t live in a home.



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