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A Weighty Issue: Power Wheelchairs vs Ramp and Lift Restrictions

by Wheelchairdemon

I found a major flaw in the new Integrated Accessibility Act Regulations. It doesn’t specify load capacity on ramps or lifting devices for wheelchairs.


National Federation of the Blind and Four Blind People File Suit Against RideCharge, Inc. and Three Taxicab Companies in California

Among other features, sighted passengers are able to review trip and fare information, privately pay fares with a credit card, and select tip amounts without interacting with the driver. The exclusively visual interface lacks common accessibility features for blind riders.


Banking on Website Accessibility Lawsuits

People with visual, auditory, cognitive recognition, speech or physical special needs have difficulties accessing many popular banking websites due to the startling lack of support for assistive technology.


Canadians’ Mental-Health Info Routinely Shared With FBI, U.S. Customs

Ontario’s privacy commissioner has discovered that the mental-health information of some Canadians is accessible to the FBI and U.S. Customs and Border Patrol.

Read more at Partners with eSSENTIAL Accessibility to Offer Politicians an Easy Solution for Better Reaching, Serving and Empowering People with Disabilities

Online Candidate, the political website design service, has partnered with eSSENTIAL Accessibility to offer its clients the option of adding an assistive technology app to their homepage when using to build their campaign websites.


Accessibility Lipstick on a Usability Pig

Applying accessibility techniques to an unusable site is like putting lipstick on a pig. No matter how much you apply, it will always be a pig.


Disability Community ‘Has Lost a True Champion’ in Jim Flaherty

Outside of financial circles, Jim Flaherty is best remembered as a relentless champion of Canadians with disabilities.


New Communications Technology Reconnecting People who are Deaf-Blind

Gayle Aamold, a 72-year-old grandmother from Hartford, South Dakota, is computer savvy. Shes a whiz on email, surfing the internet, posting on Facebook and calling with Skype. But her low vision and hearing combined with a failing computer eventually made communicating with her family more and more difficult.


Families Sue Disney; Claim Park Violates Americans with Disabilities Act(ADA)

Sixteen families are suing the Walt Disney Corporation, claiming it does not provide adequate access to rides for theme park visitors with autism.


Universities Breaking Distance Barriers with Fuze Video Collaboration

Hearing impaired students in disparate locations learning together through a rich visual experience. Nursing school students interning at hospitals able to remotely attend classes. Fuze video collaboration technology is enabling leading universities across the U.S. to eliminate distance and other barriers to make these types of enriched learning environments a reality.


Ontario Proposes Business Climate Act, Will Sue God If It Does Not Work

By Victor Schwartzman

“Pundits who worried that we would take no further action on implementing the AODA access legislation stuff were wrong,” Minister Eric Hoskins announced at a media conference recently. “We are aware many felt we would simply wait for Dean Mayo Moran to hand in her report later this year or hopefully next year.


Please Email the Ontario Government to Say If You Endorse Our Final Brief on the Initial Proposed Revisions to the 2007 Customer Service Accessibility Standard

We have sent the Ontario Government our finalized April 4, 2014 brief on the initial proposal for revisions to the 2007 Customer Service Accessibility Standard. We strongly encourage you to let the Government know if you endorse and support our brief. Take a moment to email the Government to let it know. You can send an email to the Government at:


Update: Kathleen Wynne: Reverse Cuts to Students With Disabilities at the Provincial Schools

April 8, 2014
Chris Cormier

Dear Premier;

In one of your most recent budget announcements you have committed to 300 million dollars for front line staff who work with vulnerable people in Ontario. We ask that you consider using as small fraction of this funding for The Provincial Schools for Students who are deaf, deaf-blind, blind and learning disabled. Over 18500 hours of direct service have been cut by our Senior Management Group and to date there has been no resolve to the issue. We understand that this announcement may be for the Ontario Works and the Ontario Disability Support Program, however we work with students who are the future and require proper funding now.

Will we Finally get Reform of Disability Services at Toronto Pearson International Airport?

by Karen McCall

For those of us with disabilities who travel through Toronto Pearson Airport, hearing that violinist Itzhak Perlman was treated without respect or dignity came as no surprise. The surprise was that treating us like cattle or cargo hasn’t received media attention before now.


Bill C-23: Its Impact on Electors with Disabilities

The Council of Canadians with Disabilities (CCD), a national self-help organization working for an accessible and inclusive Canada, recommends the removal of provisions in Bill C-23 (Fair Elections) that will have the effect of disenfranchising some persons with disabilities and/or slowing barrier removal.


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