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Accessibility News September 5,2015 Update

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The AODA Clock is Ticking

Support for the Call for a Canadians with Disabilities Act During this Federal Election is Spreading

Help this Blitz and Please Also Make Public Any Disability Accessibility Barriers you Encounter in this Canada Election Campaign


EEOC Sues Neenah Paper for Disability Discrimination

“An employer cannot single out an employee who has a disability and impose an over-protective rule on that person as a condition of employment,” said EEOC Detroit Field Office Trial Attorney Omar Weaver. “Such actions represent the kind of differential treatment toward disabled individuals that the ADA was enacted to prohibit.”


AODA Compliance for Private Sector and Not-for-Profit Employers

The deadlines for private and not-for-profit employers to comply with the “Employment Standard” under the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (“AODA”) are quickly approaching.


Bronx Medical Facility Sued for Excluding Patients with Disabilities and Jeopardizing Their Health

Furthermore, the Complaint alleges that UCHC employs woefully inadequate practices when it comes to communicating with deaf patients and patients with hearing loss, and fails to provide information in large print or other alternative formats to blind and low-vision patients.


The Business Case for Hiring People With Disabilities(PWD’s)

Inclusive hiring can help businesses attract and retain skilled employees, and expand their range of customers and clients.

To increase awareness and promote the hiring, inclusion and advancement of people with disabilities in B.C., the Province has proclaimed September 2015 as the second annual Disability Employment Month.


The Election Campaign’s Fantastic Voyage

By Victor Schwartzman

Dr. Cora Petersen here, neurosurgeon with a specialty in miniaturization. Routine exploratory surgery can be dangerous to the patient and still tell you nothing. At times, you must see the patient from the inside, on a cellular level. That is what I and my team do.



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